What is CrossFit?

Fitness doesn't have to be about endless hours spent on spin bikes and ellipticals. Fitness should be functional, inclusive and most of all it should be fun.

The real world doesn't reward you for doing bicep curls or lateral raises. In life we all jump, lift, throw, push, squat, pull and press - which is why CrossFit focuses on functional movement. CrossFit Warrnambool is fully fitted out with functional equipment - olympic weights, pull up frames, rings, med balls, ropes, kettlebells and resistance bands.

We focus on metabolic conditioning, gymnastic and olympic weightlifting movements. We squat, deadlift, pull-up, clean, press, row, run, skip, climb, jump and flip. Why? Simple - because you do these things everyday - every time you get out of a chair, lift something to a higher shelf, climb a ladder or pick up something heavy off the floor - you are doing functional movements. 

At CrossFit Warrnambool you will learn to excel at life - not be a passive bystander!

Train with your best friends - as part of a community!

It's ok for fitness to be fun. At CrossFit you never just turn up, workout and leave. Everyone is known by name, we are a community of real people, all with our challenges, triumphs and mountains to climb. It is this bond that will spur you on to achieve more than you ever imagined.