The 2014 CrossFit Games season is upon us - starting with the worldwide CrossFit Open.

What the hell is this 'Open' ?

The Open is the starting point on the journey to find the fittest human being alive. BUT for most of us mere mortals it is a fantastic annual event to pit ourselves against...ourselves ( and about 150,000+ other CrossFit nuts).

Step 1. - Register to compete at It's $20 and well worth it. Do it now!

Step 2. - Commencing this coming Friday, every week for five weeks a WOD will be announced worldwide at 12pm Friday and you have approximately 3 days to have a go. You must be judged by a certified judge or video your effort for validation. Enter your score online and see how you stack up against the 150,000+ over folks who have had a crack.

Step 3. - Enjoy the energy, excitement and camaraderie that is the high stakes Open WOD every week. Remember - for the vast majority of us, it's for fun so don't stress about it 24 hours a day. Just give it your best shot, register your score.

Why would I do that?

Because it's fun! And secondly it gives you a great online resource to go back year after year and see how your fitness and capacity has changed. Sometimes a WOD will crop up from a previous Open and it;s fun to see what has changed.

The WODs are typically structured that everyone can compete, with more advanced athletes performing more reps, or heavier loads than newer athletes - anyone can have a go! 

How will the Open work at CF Warrnambool?

We will run the weekly Open WOD as the regular Saturday morning WOD. They are typically shorter more intense workouts so we will have more time to focus on prep, skill and warm up. Depending on numbers we may run heats to allow those registered for the Open to be judged. 

NOTE - you don't have to be registered in the Open, Saturdays two classes will run as normal but the WOD will be whatever the Open throws at us the day before. Everyone is still welcome, business as usual.

What if I'm registered but can't make it Saturday morning?

We highly recommend you have only one crack at the WOD. Don't try to hit it 5 times in the hope of getting a better score - it rarely happens. If you can't make it Saturday you need to arrange a separate time with one of the coaches and you must organise a judge to score you. See Paul or Claire for help to organise a time and judge.

Some technical requirements.

As a Regionals athlete Claire is subjected to a just 'a little' more pressure and scrutiny than us average joes. Claire must have all her Open WODs recorded as well as judged. We also have a few 'more mature' athletes shaping up for the Masters category that will also require some videoing. So please bare with us if we alter open gym times or adjust a few classes on the fly - this is the one time of the year that our top athletes will require some extra support as they hit their 'finals season'. 

You have been Warned...

This is our 4th year hosting the Open WODs, and I must warn you, it can get bat shit crazy at times. There will be shouting, yelling, screaming, tears, laughter, sweat and someone normally hits Cookie with a PVC pipe at some point. 

So even if you don't compete, come and watch, cheer, cajole, support or just shake your head in bewilderment as we find our mental and physical limits...then step out past them into the abyss of the unknown...