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so, you’re going on a holiday?

That’s awesome!! Have a wicked time away, keep us updated on social media and try ‘drop in’ on another CrossFit affiliate too. We’ll be here for ALL the fitness when you get back.

Sometimes you need to put your membership on Hold for a whole bunch of other reasons - we understand that life happens and we’re always here to help if you need. Whatever it is, by filling out this form you can tick one more job off the list and we’ll catch you again real soon.

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Examples would be Holidays, Work or I'm overwhelmed by my awesomeness and need a week off - that sort of thing.
Please enter the Start Date and Finish Date of your Hold, as requests cannot be processed unless these dates are clearly established. Your membership payment processing dates may change, depending on your payment cycle and length of Hold requested. Please allow a minimum 1 week for processing. The minimum Hold period is 1 week.