We are not here for the quick fix. We are not here for the easy answer.

Fitness isn't about what you weigh or how you look. 

It's not about a fad diet or fancy new machine.

It's about taking responsibility for your health. Whether that means being a competitor on the sports field or just being the fun fit grandparent when the kids are around. Either way - to us you are an athlete, regardless of shape or size and our job is to guide you and equip you to have a life that is not bound by the limitations of your health.

It won't be easy - anything of value, anything that lasts, never is. But it will be rewarding, fun, honest and exciting.

And best of all you never have to do it alone.

So come see what CrossFit is all about! 



Any new adventure can be daunting

which is why we will take the first step together.

Much of CrossFit can seem daunting and challenging at first.  Anything new always is. That's why we take the time to make sure you get the right start!

Everyone begins with the On-Ramp.

Our On-Ramp course is the required entry level for anyone and everyone wishing to start CrossFit. Over the course of the On-Ramp we will introduce you to some of the fundamental movements within CrossFit - squats, presses, lifts and  more. The goal is not to forge you into a black belt ninja of these movements in just a few hours but to introduce you to our standards, our coaching style, cues and most importantly to start to teach you how to utilise our favourite and most effective machine in the Box - your body! 

You will also get to experience some short CrossFit WODs (workout of the day) to get a real taste of the fitness journey ahead of you.

On Ramp runs on demand in private or semi private sessions

We book you in for 3 x 30minute sessions with one of our experienced coaches, plus offer you a week of complimentary membership to try our full timetable including CrossFit, CrossFit Conditioning, Yoga and Pilates. The course cost is $90, with sessions booked at a time to suit your schedule. We like to keep it to a small group, so we can give you plenty of high skilled, attentive coaching and training. Larger groups can also be catered for in advance. 

To book your spot (or ask any questions) just use the contact form found - here