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With January comes a new year and the inevitable onslaught of fitness related fads - the latest machine/pill/diet/ab-enhancer. All designed to turn you into a chiselled athlete - with slimmer thighs and an even slimmer wallet.

I have some bad news.

Weight loss is a farce.

The food (and diet) industry doesn't care about your health. 

Diets have a 90% failure rate.

But there is some good news.

You can stop dieting. (because you are wasting your time)

Counting calories is pointless. (because a calorie isn't a calorie)

Smash your scales (because they don't measure your health)


It is time to stop obsessing about losing weight and start thinking about improving your health.


Your weight on the scales is totally irrelevant.

So stop obsessing about it.

A PT I know recently posted on facebook that they encourage their clients to weigh themselves as often as possible.



The problem with that? Well Kevin Geary calls it 'The 10 Pound Problem' and I totally agree. Having a 5% body fat doesn't make you healthy. Both the women in the picture above have low body fat % - does that immediately make them equally healthy? 

If you want to lose 5 kg - then I would ask 5 kg of what? And more importantly why? If you lose 5kg but it's all muscle because you spent the last 2 weeks on long cardio sessions and calorie restriction - are you healthier? If you lost 5kg of fat and put on 7kg of lean muscle - the scales will tell you you're 2kg heavier - and I would argue much healthier, but the scales are telling you that you're heading backwards.

See the problem?

Dieting is one dimensional. All it addresses is calories. You know the rule - calories in versus calories out - that's how it works right? 


So you're telling me that if I only eat 1500 calories a day and expend 1800 calories a day I'll get thinner and therefore healthier right. Even if those calories just come from Mars Bars....

And this is where the problem lies - a calorie isn't just a calorie and losing FAT (not weight) isn't just about dieting. Diets just look at intake - what about nutrient density, energy levels, emotional eating, sugar dependency, sleep, rest, exercise, stress, metabolic imbalances and so on.


So step away from the scales - then smash them.

Because they are not interested in your health.

And neither is the food industry.



Stop buying low fat.   Yep you heard me.

Seriously, stop it. Buy the full fat stuff.

Let me explain.

Take yoghurt. Manufacturers take out the fat because 'low fat' is better for you right? "Low Fat' sells more, because we are trying to be healthy and fats are bad right? But now the fat's gone it has the flavour profile of my shoe so they add back in a heap of sugar to make it taste great again. 

You buy 'low fat' because you want to 'lose 5kg' - but the fat deprives you of energy (so you crave more food) and the sugar spikes your insulin levels and triggers your body to store fat. So I bought the 'healthier' item, put on weight and guaranteed that I'll be hungry again pretty soon. Yay.

Don't believe me? (good). Then next time you're in the supermarket - grab a tub of full fat and low fat and check the sugar contents. I did this and guess what I found - the full fat version listed the sugar as g/250g and the low fat listed it as g/100g  - so as the number looks pretty close to the same....only it's not. 

Low fat is perhaps the greatest nutritional scam ever perpetrated on the public. If you are looking for some substantiation (and you should - don't take my word for it) google any of the work by Gary Taubes and use that as a massive informational springboard and leap forth. Check out the Whole9 or Rebooted Body.





Human beings have walked the earth for a little over 2 million years - that's almost 67,000 generations of evolution. Of most importance to us is the fact that for 1,990,000 years, we ate a certain way - meat, fish, vegetables, nut, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no processed sugar. It has only been in the last 10,000 years that we introduced grains, and then processed grains and finally processed foods - all within an incredibly short time span as far as our bodies are concerned.

Is it any surprise that our bodies are struggling under the enormous weight of the highly processed, fructose and chemical rich foods that populate the Standard Australian Diet (S.A.D)? 

Perhaps it's time to eat in a way that is in harmony with the way our bodies have evolved to function. This is not a diet - diets are about deprivation and restriction and by their very nature indicate a start and finish - ' oh, I'm on a diet' (but I won't be later).

Maybe it's time to stop dieting and just eat.

Eat clean, eat intelligently, eat like a human being.



Yeah, so how exactly do I do that???


With help, and information and guidance and support and knowledge...

Why should you trust us?

Because this is how we eat.

We understand it, we practice it.

But don't take my word for it. Come and have a look for yourself. Listen, see and discuss the logic, the concept and the process.

Discover why going the 'Whole 30' for February will probably change your life.

Info night - Thursday Jan 23rd - 6:45pm at CrossFit Warrnambool.

I'm asking for 30 minutes of your time.

Is your health worth that?

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