The 2015 CrossFit Open is done and dusted!

We can finally stop obsessively studying @thedavecastro's instagram account, searching for hidden clues about the workouts. 

We can sleep soundly on Thursday nights knowing that all we need to be ready for on Friday is whatever heinous WOD Claire has dreamed up.

Cookie can once again workout without the fear of being hit with a PVC mid-WOD.

Over forty brave souls from CF Warrnambool ponied up their hard earned $20 and fronted up for this years Open - and they got their monies worth. The workouts were varied, they were tough and the inclusion of the scaled division ensured that no matter what your level, you were working just as hard as the person next to you. Deadlifts, toes-to-bars, snatches, clean & jerks, wall balls, muscle ups, handstand push ups, heavy cleans, rowing, thrusters. We got it all.

And after all was said and done we have managed to once again select our Top 4 moments of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open.

4. This Kid

Declan is what I call a quiet achiever. Doesn't make a lot of noise, isn't flashy, but gets serious work done every time he shows up and his work ethic and determination haven't gone unnoticed. A few days after the Open was finished Declan received a surprise email and was offered a spot at the upcoming Again Faster Youth Development Squad training camp with Rob Forte and Kara Webb. He has been selected to spend time training and working under the watchful eyes of the Again Faster team as he vies for a permanent spot on their Development Squad. This is an unbelievable achievement and opportunity and we will keep you posted on his progress.

We are super proud of you mate - imagine where you will go from here!


3. Every day. Every damn day..

"Nothing works unless you do"

Every year the competition gets tougher. The pool of athletes gets bigger and the standards are pushed further. You have to be on top of your game every single Open WOD - any significant weakness will see you eliminated.

And this year, just like the last three years, Claire has faced off with the best in Australia and NZ and found herself worthy - finishing 19th out of over 5000 competitors. Once again she will head to the Regionals in Wollongong to throw down for three days with the very best from Asia, Australia and NZ.

This doesn't happen by accident. Claire's work ethic is nothing short of phenomenal. Often at the box before 5am and still there in the evening, juggling her own training, PT clients, coaching classes, as well as spending what seems like an inordinate amount of time on Facebook messenger - Claire still manages to continually push the envelope and improve year on year. 

Once again she has done her sponsors (Again Faster, True Protein) her coaches (RAW Strength & Conditioning) and most of all - us, proud. And we will be there in the 'Gong cheering her every step of the way.


2. Strong Sock Game.

Let's be honest - if your socks don't have their own capes, you're simply not superhero enough.

When you have a cape, and your socks have capes, and you walk in backed by your own theme song.....yeah you're winning. Our very own Diesel put in an awesome Open - not just for her own performance but making sure the rest of us were ready to go. From writing up awesome warm up plans, judging heats, doing the WODs herself as well as helping people scale and push through, she delivered it all. 

But her greatest moment was surely her epic Wonder Woman performance for 15.5 - rocked it out all class and then rocked it out at breakfast. 

Girl got game.

1.  #AccidentlyRichFroning

Credit for this awesome hashtag goes to Missie 'MuscleTruck' McDonough but the sentiment behind it applies to a host of awesome people who made their first venture into The Open this year. 

It takes guts to face some of the challenges we throw at you on a daily basis - but it takes even more to have a judge watch your every move and put your score out there for the world to see.  "If it doesn't challenge you , it doesn't change you."

These workouts were challenging; in some cases I thought the scaled versions were even harder than the Rx. But sometimes, in the heat of competition people found themselves #accidentlyrichfroning -  personal records were broken, old beliefs were shattered, new PR's were set. You became the champ!

So to those people who took on their first Open - as coaches we salute you - for your guts, your determination, for overcoming fear and having belief in yourselves. 

Remember, you never know who is watching and who you just inspired.