Five weeks of madness is once more behind us...time for a little reflection and of course - our Top 3 of the Open 2016 !

The number of Awesome is 51

We approached the Open a little differently this year, recognising that the level of competition and intensity isn't for everybody we tried to be a little more low key about getting people to pony up their $20 and throw their hat in the ring. The end result was we had our biggest number of athletes ever signing up for the Dave Castro roller coaster - 51 awesome athletes who laid it all on the line to see what they could throw down every Saturday afternoon. For many of you this was a new experience, probably a daunting or even horrifying one - but you did it anyway. Trust me when I tell you that the very act of signing up and having a crack has changed you for the better. You faced a fear, took the harder option, put yourself out there and win, lose or draw - you are stronger and smarter for it. 

That works for us as coaches as well - it provides us with an insight into what you can really do when the clock is ticking, the scoreboards are out and the judge is watching. It also provides a window into the success of our programming - where are the gaps or weak spots, where are the skills we need to workshop, what do our athletes need for the next step?

As your coaches our goal for the Open is to see you smash some barriers, shatter some pre-conceived beliefs, realise what you are truly capable of - and what can come next!

So here's to you awesome athletes - on a job well done! I hope you're proud of what you achieved - because you should be!


1. Better call Kenny Loggins - because you're in the danger zone!

Massive shout out to all those who took the hard road - whether it was signing up for your first Open, going an Rx movement/load because you knew it would challenge you, or just throwing down as hard as you could and seeing what you were capable of. It was epic to see every week the PR's, the improvements, the genuine surprise when people realised what they could actually do.  It's a win:win - as athletes (and just as regular people) you get a massive boost when you discover how far you have come and as coaches it's a huge thrill and privilege to see the hard work pay off! 

So if you hit a PR, did something you never thought you would, or could, or just crushed an inner demon - then kudos to you!


2. hug it out Bro'

The community is the glue, it's the fabric, the special sauce, the eleven secret herbs and spices. And that is never more obvious than over the last five weeks. So whether you judged, competed, got in early, stayed late or just came to support your friends - thank you! Most people outside of CrossFit would have no idea why we give up our hard earned Saturday afternoons to torture ourselves in the name of fitness. But we do. 


3. This kid.

It takes a team to run the show but this year Diesel especially put in the hard yards every week to see that we all had the best chance to deliver our all. From researching and setting out the detailed warm ups (which I'm sure you all did) to scheduling and organising, to giving up her own time to make sure everyone had a chance to get it done and post a score. It was a huge effort worthy of the highest of fives :)

While we are throwing out high fives - thanks to all those that judged, set up , cleaned up, hustled, cheered, organised every week. It only works with everyone on board and that was never more evident than in the last five weeks.

What now...

Well for most of us we get to kick back, reflect on our awesomeness and hopefully never do thrusters and burpees again for another year. But for some the beat goes on - the Frasernator continues her relentless march to another Regionals appearance against a field that seems to get tougher and tougher every year.  Les 'Judginator' Burchell is slaying them in the Masters Mens field and was top 15 in the Region after 4 weeks - once the dust settles in the next few days we will have a world wide ranking for the #originalalphamale. 

So stay tuned for more updates as the last scores roll in and the leaderboards settle into final positions. We will keep you posted of all the standings. 

In the meantime - anyone for thrusters??