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Membership @ CrossFit

We are looking for positive, motivated people who are not only serious about their health and fitness but also know how to have fun at the same time. We want people who are ready to be part of a supportive, positive and encouraging community. We are not one of the many commercial chains of gyms - we are a privately (and locally) owned facility focused solely on our members. Our coaches are highly trained professionals and our CrossFit community is our number 1 priority.

Memberships with us are very simple.

1. Option 1 - 3 classes per week $40 (inc GST); includes all classes, open gym access and member events.

2. Option 2 - Unlimited classes per week $45 (inc GST); includes all classes, open gym access and member events.

3. Memberships are charged via direct debit, weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly.

4. There are no contracts or joining fees.

5. Membership Holds and Cancellations must be received in writing and directed to

6. We have a 1 week minimum and 3 month maximum hold policy, with at least 1 weeks notice for your request to be processed.


Yes - we are more expensive than commercial gyms...

Chances are, you've come to us because you are NOT getting value or results for what you're paying now or you just want to do CrossFit! We are not charging you to cover our payments on rows of expensive, non-functional treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. You are here for focused, personalised training, for us to be responsible and attentive to your progress, to learn how to move correctly and safely. We are here to support you in making optimal nutrition changes. We will be your guides and support for increasing your health and fitness.

What do I get?

Some of the best Coaches in the business

Compared to the other gym programs, our coaching is of exceptional value. Our coaches are highly trained, passionate and dedicated professionals, holding National and International certifications in Fitness, CrossFit, Endurance, Gymnastics and Weightlifting to name a few.  Best of all - they practice what they preach, they train, compete, sweat, work, struggle, win some and lose some. They are real people. We don't call them 'trainers' - they are here to coach you not just make you train. Your health is complex and we treat it as such.

Carefully Programmed & Executed Classes

Gone are the days of trudging through a program you were sent months ago. Gone are the days of wandering around wondering what to do next. Now is the time for community, friends, real people, hard work and results. Every day is different, every day challenges you in a different way, every class is guided, structured planned and motivating - that's what the coaches are there for! 


We have a dedicated space for our mobility and yoga program - ROMWOD. Sneak in before or after class to get between 15 and 45 minutes of mobility, stretching and breathing training.


We understand nutrition - we aren;t talking shakes, pills, meal replacements or endlessly counting calories, we are talking understanding the deep down nuts and bolts of how your body works and what we can do to get your eating in a sustainable realistic way - for life. Not for the next 12 weeks.


It all comes down to this - 'you get what you pay for' We are here to empower people to make better and more informed decisions about their health and fitness. We hare here to be your vehicle of change, adding years - in both quality and quantity - to your life.What would you pay for that? Skip the $5 a day coffee? Skip the $100 you drop every other weekend at the pub? Life is a series of choices, we are here to help you make a better decision.

We are ready when you are!