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"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" - Ali


The WODs

WOD #1 - 15 min time cap

450m Sandbag run (20kg/15kg)

30 KB Snatches (24kg/16kg)

30 lateral box jump overs (20")

30 wall balls (9kg/7kg)

30 Shoulder to Overhead (50kg/35kg)

100 double unders


WOD # 2 - 10 min time cap

Front Squat Medley

Max unbroken reps at 80kg/60kg, 60kg/40kg, 40kg/30kg


WOD #3 - 15 min time cap

21-15-9-15-21 reps of

Deadlifts (100/70) and burpees


WOD #4 - All athletes are entered in the 2014 Annual Surf to Surf 6km road race (along with 2000+ other runners!). Race briefing at 745am 

WOD #5 (Commencing at 11am)

- 5 Minutes to accumulate maximum points based on;

 - 6 points - burpee bar muscle up

- 4 points burpee chest to bar pull up

- 2 points burpee pull up


2 min rest and into WOD #6


10 Squat Clean Thruster (50/30)

10 Barbell step ups (20")


WOD #6

3 Attempts at max Clean & Jerk. 

Score ranked as successful lift as a % of bodyweight.

 Overall Standings

Mens                                   Womens

1st Damien Tan                                   1st Cathy Gleeson

2nd Joe McKay                                    2nd Louisa Sargeant

3rd Brad Cook                                    3rd  Alison Fraser


Massive Thank You to....

These events don't run on fairy dust and happy thoughts - they run on the blood sweat and tears of competitors and organisers alike.  So in no particular order;

- to our competitors, thank you for trusting us with your time, effort, safety and skill. Your efforts were nothing short of outstanding and as a coach and affiliate owner it made me proud to see so many fantastic athletes. Nothing makes me happier than having the PR bell break during the last WOD due to serious overuse!

- to our judges, thank you for not just upholding standards but encouraging, driving, supporting, lifting stuff, moving stuff and managing to drink and eat in the miniscule breaks that you got. These events only run because of people like you

- our vendors, Go Vita and Villa & Hut plus their legion of hardy support staff - Lyn, Stapes, Sue, Bec & Jess. The coffee was awesome, the chilli beef was the bomb and bacon and eggs were always on tap.

- to our behind the scenes helpers, especially Nic, Stapes, Neil, Sue, Anna, Casey - you guys did so much work behind the scenes it was incredible and got us through the weekend

- Adam Lesniak and Again Faster, for their support of small throwdowns like ours, for not hesitating to help out with the 'not so glamourous' jobs and throwing down in a WOD. Not to mention the unbelievable media you took and have kindly shared with us and our community.

- last but not least my wife for putting up with my total lack of organisational ability and my constant, 'it'll be fine' approach to almost everything. I love you and this would 'may' have been 'slightly' less organised without you :)


If you are keen to see the results for each WOD you can grab the summary sheet


Some notes on scaling - a scaled movement resulted in a 10% overall time penalty.

The one exception here was those who row instead of run on Sunday, after reviewing the times we applied a 20% time penalty to the rowers to ensure some parity.

Thanks again - and we will see you next year at S.O.S. 2015 !!