The Southern Ocean Showdown is Back  - S.O.S. 2015




Ok folks, it is almost upon us so time for the big update.


The event will be held at 184 Merri St Warrnambool - formerly (and still signed as) a Sam's Warehouse store. The store is part of a shopping complex and several businesses will be trading over the weekend so there are some parking restrictions - do not park directly in front of any business, open or closed. Park in the central car park area - or better still park on Fairy St or Merri St. There is a heap of parking available. Do NOT park in the parking block in front of Snap Fitness. They are operating 24 hours and we are trying to be good neighbours.

Seating - there is heaps of room inside but it will be BYO seating - so bring your chair/bean bag/hammock. Spectators will be able to move right around the competition area so bring your cameras and voices!

Important times for Saturday & Sunday.

Athlete Rego starts at 7am - we need time to mark you off, confirm any missing details and give you your t-shirts!  There will be an athlete briefing for the first WOD at 7.30am and the first heat will start at 8am. Don't be late - we don't care if you have a note from your mum. 

If everything goes to is our hope to finish at approximately 5pm on Saturday afternoon.

At that time there will be an important briefing regarding the Biathlon WOD (that's the swim/beach WOD you're all soooo excited about) so don't go home early. 

Sunday will commence at 8am and we are aiming to conclude everything by 4pm.

Food & Beverage.

Try this on for size:

Paleo thai beef curry with sweet potato mash, egg & bacon toasties, paleo waldorf salad w pulled pork, pumpkin spinach feta dukkah with moroccan chicken.

Hot coffee, iced coffee, hot choc, coconut ice cream, awesome smoothies, banana bread, savoury muffins, parfait, Vita Coco, Blue Dinosaur bars, Coco Cafe.

And that's not an exhaustive list - all available on site all day.

Both Go Vita Warrnambool & Villa & Hut are providing some awesome on-site catering for the weekend so don't be shy. Eat & drink!


Firstly - it's going to be scorchingly hot on Saturday. We have several ice baths organised but feel free to bring your own kiddie pool, marquee, shade area - there will be space in a large rear carpark to set up, however there is ample room inside.

Secondly - be smart, hydrate, eat and recover sensibly.

Lastly - we have arranged for St Johns Paramedics to be on-site all weekend. The safety and health of all athletes is of paramount importance to us. See them if you need to and in the event of something major please comply with all instructions given by judges/marshals and First Aid staff.

Some Big Sponsors to thank.

Again Faster Australia - Adam Lesniak and the team at Again Faster have been strong supporters of this event every year and we would like to personally thank them for once again for helping us out by providing some awesome prizes. 

Primal Equipment - Primal have provided the vast majority of the gear for the comp and will have a stall for the weekend with new gear for sale. Save on freight and grab some shiny new gear.

21-15-9 - Carlz will be down on Sunday with a stall so make sure you have some coin left to grab some awesome 21-15-9 gear. Frankie Lee Matthews might even pop in to grab some awesome pics of your athletic prowess in action!

Vita Coco - a huge thanks to Des and the team for providing some of the best hydration around - Vita Coco products will be available all weekend (unless we sell out!)

Blue Dinosaur - paleo bars (all the new ones!) are all in stock ready for a quick snack. Thanks to the guys for also shooting us some gear for prizes.

RockTape - knee sleeves, tape and all manner of goodies will be available for purchase from Tony and the team @ RockTape.

These events also don't run on fairy dust and happy dreams - so here's some early thanks to the guys behind the scenes helping put this all together. If you're a local then look them up and keep them in mind!

Turner Construction, SouthWest Flooring, GM Cabinets, Abtech Plumbing, Villa & Hut, Go Vita Warrnambool, SouthWest HealthCare, Moonlight Lighting,  F.M. Mahar & Associates, Warrnambool Tri-Club just to name a few.




The Heat lists will be posted here tomorrow (maybe later tonight...). If you can't find yourself don't stress - shoot me an email ( and we can get you sorted. 

For Saturday we haven't sorted heats based on ability, they are random. We have tried to ensure that teams from the same box are separated to encourage fresh competition and new friendships / rivalries. By Sunday we will rank the heats based on position.

Scoring and WODs etc will be posted on WOD BUZZ - we will post the link here and in FB once we are up and running.

Oh yeah - and these pictured below will be appearing in WOD #1 and WOD #6. Fun times, fun times... 

UPDATE - Dec 23rd

It's nearly Christmas! So we thought why not spread a little Christmas cheer and hand out an early present - like a WOD and some info :)

Let's get the big one out of the way. Let's talk WODs.

The workouts for the weekend have been divided into four themes - matching the four cenotaphs at the Isurava Memorial on the Kokoda Track - Courage, Mateship, Endurance and Sacrifice. We chose these for many reasons - several of our members have walked the track, some had family who fought there but mostly because it helps remind us that these are just workouts, and that the camaraderie, attitude and mateship that we display during them is what is really important.

Sunday morning's workout is based on the theme of endurance - and whilst the surf to surf isn't on this weekend we are going offsite again. The WOD will be run in conjunction with the Warrnambool Tri-Club and is a 30 min AMRAP consisting of a short ocean swim and beach run. 

Take a deep breath and read the details below before you let your imagination run away with you.

The WOD will be run in two large heats of both male/male and female/female teams. Both team members will be swimming and running and the score will be the total number of combined rounds. The run is on the beach and is not long. The swim is in a protected bay and is for the vast majority completely wade-able. If you are a swimmer it will be quick, if you are not super confident you can wade out for 90% and paddle the turn. The Tri-Club is helping us run the event so we will have surf lifesavers on boards at the turns and out and about to assist. We have trialled this and it is completely manageable for people of all levels. If you are seriously worried contact me ( to discuss. It's summer in the 'bool - you wont need a wetsuit or tri-suit - the water comes straight up from the Antarctic so it will be bracing and rejuvenating on a Sunday morning. You can do it in boardies, skins or whatever else makes you feel like a fish. If you are grumbling about swimming being at a comp - this is the unknown and unknowable so work your weaknesses.

So i'll need swimming gear, any other weird stuff you're going to throw at us?...

Of course - I would bring your usual stuff: lifting gear, skipping rope etc. I would also give thought to a pair of gloves. Not mandatory but in the real world not everything you have to pick up and put down is smooth and regular - sometimes it's odd and awkward so maybe be prepared for that. 

Feed me !

A quick word on food, parking and logistics. We will have more details out in a few days but here's the quick summary. There will be plenty of parking around the venue but some areas will be marked off as a courtesy to surrounding businesses. We will post a car parking map a few days before. 

Food wise we have Villa & Hut with awesome on site hot and cold goodies, not to mention coffee, as well as Go Vita doing smoothies and snacks. Blue Dinosaur and Vita Coco are also available to keep you topped up and moving at top speed. There is also a supermarket within two minutes walk of the venue if you need something specific. 

Can I buy stuff? I like buying stuff...

You sure can - aside from food and drinks we also have gear from RockTape, Primal Equipment, our own box apparel and on Sunday 21-15-9 will be joining us with a full stack of gear for sale. 

So there's a few exciting 'tidbits' for you to think about/obsess over/stress/get excited about over Christmas.

We will have a full update out a few days before with the final logistics stuff, heat times etc. At this stage Saturday will kick off with briefing at approx 7:30am-7:45am and we hope to wrap up the whole event by 4pm-ish on Sunday.

In the meantime, have a happy and safe Christmas, eat, drink and be merry, cherish family and friends and maybe get a few laps in at the pool :)

See you soon!

Update - Dec 19th

Let's talk gear!

As we are holding this year's SOS off site we will have a whole host of new equipment that we seriously do not want to have to move Sunday night. So that means - bargain time for you! Most of the equipment used on the weekend will be available for sale at heavily reduced prices as second hand equipment (used only that weekend). Note that this is not an exhaustive list of the equipment we will be using during the 37 or so WODs we have planned for the weekend (so don't try to figure out any of the workouts or movements based on this list) - this is just what we have for sale.

Items can be paid for by cash or eftpos on site and must be collected and taken Sunday night at the conclusion of competition. We will also have a range of brand new gear - bars and kettlebells, climbing ropes and a few other goodies - available for sale. Either way you save freight and potentially pick up some great bargains. 

The link below will take you to the current list of what is available. It will be updated regularly but it will be a case of first in best dressed.. If you are keen to get specific items or have questions please email me at You can check items at for specific item details as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on the gear list and WOD details coming next week.

You can access the sale list here - SOS EQUIPMENT SALE

What's the Deal?

This year it will be partners - male/male and female/female teams. Two days with 6 WODs (everyone will compete in every WOD - as per usual expect the unknown and unknowable. All WODs will be scalable however only Rx completion will allow a team to reach the podium - spot prizes and the Judges award will be open to everyone competing. 

We have moved off site to a huge creative space to allow for some serious fun and adventure. And yes there will be an off site WOD and no it isn't the Surf-2-Surf fun run!

Spaces will be limited - Registration Opens Friday Nov 7th (the link will be posted here as well as our facebook page) and once it's full it's full!

Last year's S.O.S. was a fantastic success and we hope to top it this year - our goal is an amazing competition for Crossfitters of all background and capacities - so grab a friend and sign up!

Stay tuned here and on our facebook page (crossfit warrnambool) for updates. Specific questions can be emailed to (don't email and ask what the WODs are...)

What are the WODs?

Nice one...we will release some workouts prior to the event, some will be left until the day. Expect to be tested across broad time and modal domains (sounds familiar), well rounded athletes will do well. Scaling options will be available so if your goal is simply to compete and have some fun then this is definitely suitable for you.

Got more Questions? - do not ask what the wods are...