sos 2017 - The important info

This page will be updated as we get closer to the comp with all the important info - we will also email all entrants when we update the page as well as post it on Facebook. If you have any questions, concerns etc (serious ones, not what's the wod?) email us at


'tWas 2 days before the comp and it was all happening....

Ok - time for some serious updates as we get ready to rock and roll. So PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and be prepared.

1. Things you might want to bring (and not bring).

The WODs cover the usual range of CrossFit movements, you will need a skipping rope that makes you happy or one that gives you the best whip marks. Knee sleeves are fine, knee wraps are not, grips are ok, full gloves are not. Lifting belts are fine, suspenders are ok if you think you're cool enough. 

You will want something to swim in - there are ice baths and pools on site. You will want shoes that you are 'happy' running more than 400m in. There will be running.

2. Athlete Services.

Apart from awesome food (we'll get to that) there will be two ice baths/pools available for athletes only so bring togs and a towel. 

There is a fleet of port-a-loos on site please respect them and let us know if something is wrong, needs paper etc.

If you haven't been to this venue before it is huuuuge. Feel free to bring seats, bean bags, hammocks etc as you will have space to spread out. 

We will have two awesome massage therapists taking 15 minute appointments over the weekend - it's $15/session direct to them. They will have booking sheets each day, first in best dressed.

St Johns Ambo is on site all weekend, if you need help/assistance/attention please see them.

3. Food.

Try this on for size - Active Body Nutrition will have the following available for sale on site on Saturday and Sunday - sweet potato chips, calamari, chicken strips for snack. In terms of main feeds - chicken/broccoli/rice, lamb/veg/sweet potato and veggies/rice. Plus rice paper rolls, fruit salad, frittata, coconut water, smoothies and soft drink. 

We will also have Fit Aid, Party Aid, Blue Dinosaur bars, Peak Chocolate and True Protein goodies available.

And yes there will be coffee - so much coffee.


Here is how Friday night will roll.

Step 1 - When you arrive check in at the front counter to get checked off and given your weight vests.

Step 2 - Warm up and be ready for your heat. There will be no waiting for late comers. If you miss your heat you will be automatically allocated to the final heat of the evening. 


Step 4 - When your heat is done you are free to head home but also welcome to stay and cheer on your mates. 

STEP 5 - Due to the size of the heats, in each heat 10 teams will do the WOD in the order of row/squats/bike/push up /pull up and 10 teams will do bike/squats/row/push ups/pull ups. Your order will be assigned based off your lane number on the night so have a plan for working in either order. 


Briefing is at 730am and Heat 1 WOD#2 kicks off at 8am sharp. 


The heats will not change over the weekend until the final - so you can plan on being in that heat all weekend. It is in the order of Master 50+ Women, Masters 35-49 Women, Open Women's, Masters Men 50+, Masters Men 35-49, Open Men's.


We will keep you updated on any further details via FaceBook on the Southern Ocean Showdown page (turn us onto top priority by turning on notifications so you don't miss a thing!), in the meantime, travel safe and we look forward to seeing you all for SOS 2017 !


where is it?

The event will be held in the same venue as the past two years - at 184 Merri St Warrnambool - formerly (and still signed as) a Sam's Warehouse store. The store is part of a shopping complex and several businesses will be trading over the weekend so there are some parking restrictions - do not park directly in front of any business, open or closed. Park in the central car park area - or better still park on Fairy St or Merri St. There is a heap of free parking available. Do NOT park in the parking block in front of Snap Fitness. They are operating 24 hours and we are trying to be good neighbours.

Seating - there is heaps of room inside but it will be BYO seating - so bring your chair/bean bag/hammock. Spectators will be able to move around the competition area so bring your cameras and voices!

There will be full catering on site - details out in the coming weeks

SOS 2017 WOD #1-kinda Like Murph-.png

Friday night times

For the first time ever we are holding a Friday Night Lights event with a big hit out - "Kinda Like Murph"

We are running 5 big heats of 20 teams per heat - the briefing and standards video will be posted on FB and here well before the event, so there will be no briefing before the WOD, we expect you to be on time and ready to roll.

The heat lists are available by clicking HERE

You need to allow enough time to get in, have your team signed off and get your weight vests. 

Where teams requested a particular heat time we have done everything possible to accommodate that request (and in 99% of cases have been able to do so). If you are late you will be placed in the final heat as that is the only one with room. If you require scaling options please check with your judge before starting - they will have been briefed on all available options. 


Saturday Times & Heats

On Saturday we will start at a slightly more civilised hour - the first briefing will be at 730am and WOD #2 will kick off at 8am. You can expect to be finished by approx 530pm.

The heat list for Saturday and Sunday can be found HERE.  We will not be reshuffling the heats based on results - you will stay in the same heat all weekend until the Finals.

The times for Sunday will be covered on Saturday afternoon. There will be a finals WOD on Sunday for both the Open and Masters 35-49 categories of 1 heat of men and 1 of women for each division. We are aiming to be finished by approx 4pm on Sunday.

POst COmp Gear Sale

As we do every year we will have a bunch of the equipment from the comp up for sale as second hand goods. We use brand new plates, bars, kettlebells for the comp as well as a few new toys this year. So this is a great opportunity to top up the box with some gear that has been used for one weekend at a bargain price. 

We will have mens and womens oly bars, bumper plates (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25kg), 32kg kettlebells.We also have a limited stock of the weight vests available for sale over the weekend as well (these are new, not second hand - remember all competitors will receive a mens or womens loaded vest anyway). And last but not least we have some awesome chain yokes from Stand or Submit available after the comp as well. 

As we have done previous years you can pre-order and pay/collect on the Sunday arvo after the comp. Follow the link HERE to get all the specs, prices, availability and details. Then email to lock in whatever you are after. Sales will be cash/eftpos. 



We have some awesome vendors dropping in for the weekend - first and foremost 21-15-Nine will be in the house. Carlz and the team have always been a huge supporter of the Southern Ocean Showdown, so save up to get your hands on some awesome new threads. If you haven't had a look then check the new ranges out HERE

Ash from BodyFit Geelong will be in with body composition scans, analysis and helping you make sense of the results. You can check out Body Fit and all they offer HERE

Chloe from Style Active will be in, giving us an opportunity to support a fantastic local business, you can check her and the team out HERE. 

Stand or Submit will once again have a stand of amazing 'tools' for the budding strong man or woman. Not to mention the chain yokes that the competitors are going to be getting familiar with! Check them out HERE



Food Glorious food

Update out next week on food, coffee, drinks and all the good stuff ;)