The Open Day Plan...

So here's the plan for Sunday guys.

10am -10:30am - we will be having a few small demo WODs to demonstrate a range of skills, movements and exercises. Logistically we have to keep these fairly small so apologies for n

ot letting everyone rip into a WOD, we have asked a few members to help with the demos - the rest of us can cheer, cajole and generally heckle.

10:30-11:00am - It's presentation time. What is CrossFit then the Sugar and Paleo Challenge details.

At about 11:15ish we will be running another short demo WOD. 

We would really encourage all our members to drop in and say hi - (where are all the machines?...we're the machines!) - the community is what makes us so different so come and be loud and proud about your achievements, successes and everything in between. Feel free to talk to our guests (nervous future crossfitters pehaps!) and most of all be yourselves!

After all - you are CrossFit !