Two days of epic competition has come to a close, signalling the end of Schwartz' CrossFit Challenge for another year!

Congrats to our four brave warriors who did us proud competing against the very best this country has to offer. Damo (40th), Blair (42nd) , Jon (44th) and Cookie (89th). Great work by Cathy, Claire and Paul for judging heat after heat after heat for 2 days as well. Great work upholding standardas and representing our box.

SO, tomorrow we are back in full action and as a tribute it would only be fitting to have a crack at WOD #1 from the comp.

30 x Hang Power Cleans (50,35)

35 x Barbell Step Ups (42.5,30)

25 x Cal Rower

15 x Lateral Burpees Over Bar

50 x Double Unders

15 x Lateral Burpees

25 x Cal Rower

35 x Barbell Step Ups

30 x Muscle Ups

This WOD actually had a 16 min tim cap in the comp, no one finished it Rob Forte came closest completing 26 of the 30 muscle ups.

See you tomorrow!