WOD for Wednesday Oct 24th

15 Min Total Reps

10 Clean & Jerks
10 Toes to Bar

8 Clean & Jerks
10 Toes to Bar
6 Clean & Jerk
10 Toes to Bar
4 Clean & Jerk
10 Toes to Bar
2 Clean & Jerk 
10 Toes to Bar
Max Reps Clean & Jerk

This is a modified version of WOD 3 from Schwartzs. 
The Rx weight for the guys is for the first C&J to be at 50kg increasing by 10kg each set - so the max rep round is at 100kg. We will be spending some solid time doing mobility and technique work prior and determining the starting weights for people so we can all work thru then ladder at weights that are challenging but within range.

In the meantime - here's some good looking technique and form.