Ok so some seriously EPIC efforts have gone down today and we still have a few hours to go - so I'll post a full wrap up later tonight.

In the meantime, let's check the menu for tomorrow.


Squat Cleans (62.5kg/42.5kg)
Ring Dips

Why these workouts? Is it just because they know how to lay on the hurt..big time?

Yes and no - the beauty is in the movements. Take 'Elizabeth' - we are combining a weightlifting movement with a calisthenic one. For some people squat cleans at 62.5kg/42.5kg may not be that horrendous - but these people tend to be larger powerful folks - enter the ring dips where the light weights come back with avengence and power oly lifters have the joy of moving their entire bodyweight through a gymnastic movement. 

So is this a WOD for the middleweights? - probably not, they tend to get crushed at both ends....this is a WOD for finding your weakness, putting a huge spotlight on it and smacking you in the face with it.

This is a WOD for the generalist with solid technique and efficient movement. Work your weaknesses - they are waiting for you :)