WOD for Wednesday Oct 31st

Another day, another fudge load of PR's.
Fran might have put a fair few people in the hurt locker yesterday but today Elizabeth just went around hurting feelings and breaking hearts. Maybe it's time for a 'Girl' 

free day.

CFT (CrossFit Total)

1 RM Strict Press
1 RM Back Squat
1 RM Deadlift

Add all three up for your Total.

Bring your A Game and your angry face (as pictured) and if you're anything like Anna C was tonight feel free to bust out the potty mouth as you PR :) (her massive 90kg deadlift (a PR) tonight started with an 'F' from the floor and ended with an 'aaaaaaark' at the top - gold (sorry Anna it was to funny not to mention)