Update time!

Hi Folks - so the great Telstra BonFire of 2012 has left us off the air of late, but we are slowly coming back!

So the WOD didn't get posted last night and guess what? You all survived, the world didn't end and Zombies didn't

 bash down your door.

So in the spirit of stopping cherry picking (avoiding WODs that contain letters you don't like, for example HSPU, MU, Burpee...) we will NOT be posting the WODs in advance this week. We will stilll post content and interesting/crazy stuff but NOT the WOD.

AAAAAAHHHHHHH - stress less, you will survive. Come prepared (leave the long socks in the car and if you have weightlifting shoes throw them in too - or store them at the box). Sleep well as yuo don't know what to worry about, just rock up and deal.

See you soon!