WOD for Monday December 24th

It's the last chance to WOD before Xmas hits folks.

NOTE - class times tomorrow are 7am and 12:15pm ONLY

Then we are closed Xmas Day and Boxing Day, back on deck Thursday and Friday with classes at 7am and 6pm.

WOD - 12 Days of Christmas (courtesy of Outlaw CF)

*After completing the first movement go back to 1 and begin again adding a new movement each round. There are 12 total rounds with one new movement being added each round. I.E. do 1 C&J, then 1 C&J + 2 MU, then 1 C&J + 2 MU + 3 Box Jumps, etc. The WOD is complete when the 12 Front Squats are completed.

1 Clean & Jerk (100kg/65kg)

2 Muscle-Ups

3 Box Jumps 36/30″

4 Hang Squat Snatch (50kg/35kg)

5 Bar Facing Burpees

6 Push Press (50kg/35kg)

7 Pistols (alternating)

8 T2B

9 Wall Ball 20/14#

10 C2B Pullups


12 Front Squats (100kg/65kg)  (no racks)

For time.