"...a third of Australian adults and a quarter of our children are overweight..."

'...In 2010, Jenny Craig’s Australia and New Zealand arm was bought by global food giant Nestle – which makes Smarties, Kit Kat and Allen’s Lollies...prompted the Obesity Policy Coalition to accuse junk food companies of making their customers fat then selling them the cure...'

‘...The top of Everest is to get to your goal weight or your BMI and keep it off – that is gold standard. We get over 10per cent of people to that level...(weight watchers)' 

An interesting read folks - the summary is that even Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig now recognise that weight loss is a journey of successes and failures - most importantly that there is no quick fix. Despite the marketing world's attempt to sell you otherwise.

Regardless - we believe it starts with knowledge and then real food. 

Keep an eye out for a summary of our November Paleo Challenge results and be ready for it's return in Feb 2013.