WOD a week!

More news than we can cram in a FB post - over the next few days we can catch up on all the news from Claire's epic Regionals effort, congrats to Jarrod and Bec Lewis - Jarrod PR's his marathon time and Bec completes her firstmarathon well under her goal time.

Meanwhile in the box - some awesome efforts over the week Em cranks out a 95kg back squat PR and Chris Conway racks up his first Rx WOD. Not to mention our swag of newbies in their first fully fledged week of Crossfit - congrats on embracing the WODs and your new found friends!

This week sees 10 new folks begin their fundamentals journey so keep an eye out and say hi if you see them.

WOD for Monday May 21st

5 minutes max Double Unders
5 minutes max Clean & Jerk (42.5kg/30kg)
1 min rest
3 minutes max double unders
3 minutes max clean & jerk
1 min rest
1 min max double unders
1 min max clean & jerk

Score is total reps completed.

See you tomorrow!