WOD for Saturday July 7th 8am

Decisions, Decisions. here is how tomorrow will work

We will be running two WODs, with two coaches, simultaneously, twice.
You can choose to focus on one only and gain some mobility time or take the 10 min recovery and tackle the other WOD. Your Call. Be on time - group warm up at 8am and then we hit the WODs. 


A Heavy Grace - 20 mins

Max of 30 Clean & Jerks for form. We want you to go heavy, so not something you can touch and go repeatedly. Get a weight that requires single or low multiple lifts and total focus. Check out todays video of Mikko and Orlando doing a variation of normal Grace (action starts about 40sec in). Both men are animals but power plus form always delivers efficiency over raw power.


20 min AMRAP

15 KB Swings (32kg/24kg)
130m run (1 lap of carpark)
10 Burpees
130m run