WOD for Friday Feb 15th

A longer post than usual folks - so have a good read and come prepared both mentally and physically tomorrow!


Clean & Jerk.

Note - this WOD is not for time, we are going for load. 
Pick one weight and stick with it for all three sets. 
You can rest as much as you like between rounds.
BUT the reps in each round must be unbroken!
In other words in the 15 round once you pick the bar up, it cannot rest on the floor until you complete rep number 15. Not even to reset your grip. If the bar spends more than a millisecond on the floor, the round is void and you can rest and start again.

This will be as much a physical challenge as a mental one - you ability to stay tough and keep grinding out reps will be the difference between success and failure.

What weight to choose? That's the big question. My advice is twofold. 1. Don't let your ego decide - make a smart decision, failing over and over or relying on poor form will not be advantageous to anyone. 2. Think about other clean & jerk wods if you have done them, such as Grace - if you cant get 15 unbroken reps at 60kg or 40kg there what makes you think you can here?

Personally I will warm up and see what around 50-60% of my 1 RM feels like and decide from there.

See you tomorrow - it's going to be a good one!