WOD for Thursday Feb 7th

I had a funny video all lined up for today - then I saw this linked article on the CF Games site.

What do you do if you're a 15 year old nerdy school kid who gets bullied so much you're too afraid to go to school? 

You work your arse off for two and half years and come back with a 3:03 Fran, 90kg snatch and 184kg back squat. At 17. 

Boom. Sauce.

Anyway, back to the WOD

Grab a weight plate (25/15) and complete the following

2 Rounds

200m run

10 Clean & Jerks

Then (still with the plate)

10 Rounds

5 Burpee thrusters

10 Overhead lunges

And finally

2 Rounds

8/4 Strict Chin Ups (no kip)

10 Wall Ball Sit ups

And rest....25 min cutoff