WOD for Friday March 15th

15min AMRAP

10 Burpees 10 Ring Dips 30 DU Row 250m

IF you are having a rest day to prep for taking on 13.2 Saturday - make it a productive rest day. What do I mean - don't just spend the day reflecting on how much various parts of your body ache or no longer move in the supple, non-glued down way they should.

Just because it's a rest day doesn't mean you can't come in and hit up a foam roller, grab a lacrosse ball, get on the bands. Sure you can skip the WOD but imagine what 20-30 minutes of focussed mobility work could do....

Tomorrow consists of 1440 minutes - devoting 20 to mobility may just make the ten minutes of hell on Saturday that much more tolerable! (and could make a big difference to your score!)