WOD for Friday March 8th

10 min

EMOM - 6 box jump overs (24"/20")

12 hand release push ups

3 min rest

10 Min AMRAP

10 back squat (60/40)

10 Ab mat sit ups

10 Wall Balls

And so the silly season (Open) is upon us! i will have a separate post up in awhile regards the plans for Saturday - please make sure you read it.

In the meantime, it's easy to get caught up in the hype of the Open  (not a bad thing) and forget exactly what it's about (not so good). For me the Open is about 3 things.

1. The Journey.

The year that the 75kg squat clean and jerks came up I was shattered, simply because I couldn't manage the weight. Big fat zero on that score. A year later whilst at CF Hamilton I had another crack and scored 6. Fast fwd another year and I cranked out a score of 20. Competing in the Open gives you a fantastic opportunity to not only test yourself but also look back and realise just how far you have come - regardless of the score

2. The Test.

Someone asked Mikko what his strategy was - 'go hard for as long as i can and stay away from the bad thoughts'. This is the time to find out just what you are capable of. Go to the well and dig deep - workout next to someone you know will push you - give it everything and at the end be proud that you did something most of your 'non-crossfit' friends would be amazed at.

3. The Incredible.

Watch the superhuman efforts of those at the top of their game - either in the box, the region or the world. Cheer, applaud, roar, dream and celebrate.

So welcome to the Open folks. Enjoy the ride, 'enjoy' the WODs and as I always say - remember to have fun!