WOD for Saturday May 18th

BEFORE I tell you the WOD there is something I would like you to read. Often we are asked where the hell these WODs come from, why certain movements, weights, etc.

So who better to explain this than our head programmer Claire Fraser. Here's her answer to 'where do our wod's come from?' word for word.

"...Initially there's a list of lifts, skills, gymnastics, movements that I want covered or included in the fortnight. Then I look at the number of push/pull movements with a focus on snatches, cleans and jerks and lately (thanks to the open) front squats! The lifts are then varied for skeletal load, starting and finishing positions and development of the lifts depending on the aim of the wod, where they are in the fortnights schedule and what has already been done/coming up plus areas we as coaches see weaknesses. Weights are chosen in line with these principles plus are there to encourage people out of their comfort weights with safe lifting obviously. These weights give the coaches an idea of what is to be achieved from the wod, timing, speed and difficulty and then allows us to assign weights accordingly to members to help them progress, improve and gain confidence at trickier lifts/weights. These movements are then attacked through various mediums including under fatigue, fresh, loaded etc. This will then transfer to your power generation/output, stamina, strength and speed generation amount other things whilst getting you comfortable under the bar! Saturday wods are usually an exception to the programming rule- they are longer in duration, harder and subject to request, new ideas/wods, regionals, the open etc. We as coaches are aiming to prepare you for any movement, any weight, and the functionality, strength, speed, stamina and physical preparedness for anything in competition or your external life!..."

Bloody good answer if you ask me.

Oh and here's Saturdays WOD...


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of

Power Cleans (80/50) Bar MU

with 5 burpees 10 Hand release pushups 15 squats in b/w every round

AND if you are still reading there is also open gym tomorrow from 2pm-4pm as well so come have some more fun...