So July is just about here and it is going to be crazy! So here's your July Survival Guide. 



6am Tuesday our intrepid trekkers take off on the journey of a lifetime. We will keep you posted of our adventure as best we can - sure we will have plenty of photos, stories and maybe even a little video to share on our return. If you are keen to keep track follow 'Kokoda Spirit' on facebook!



Coach Care

So while I'm off trekking through the PNG wilderness Claire and Blair will be working even harder than usual holding down the fort. So I would ask that everyone follows a few simple rules to assist them over the next 2 weeks. 

1. Be on time.

Running late does two things, it's puts you at risk of injury because you rush or short cut your warm up and secondly it puts the coach in a very difficult position - do they wait for you to warm up safely (whilst everyone else gets cold again) or do they charge ahead and potentially have to change your WOD in the middle of everyone elses WOD to protect you. Turn up on time. 


2. Share the Room

At the moment we have a number of people following additional training programs, be it strength, outlaw, competition or prancercise...ok maybe not so much on the last one (google it...). It's fantastic to see so many people really focusing intelligently on their training.   BUT as you will have noticed most of our class times are absolutely full houses - once we move that will be a problem of the past but until then we need you to do the following; 

- if you are training during a class time talk to the coach before you start. This way they can make a call on where to fit you in terms of space. We plan out a flow for the movements for each class and need to ensure that everyone has sufficient room to not only get the work done but also to do it safely.  You may have to wait or work on the fringe - we have to be fair to everyone. Soon you will have more than enough space but in the meantime we need to be a little strategic.


3. Hug a newbie


We currently have 14 fresh enthusiastic people completing our Fundamentals program and it looks like a fair few of them will be crazy enough to join our awesome community. 

You remember what it was like to be new, so make them feel at home, encourage them and remind them not to do the math before a wod ( total it's how many burpees?...) 


Lastly - thanks from Ilona & I for all your support and encouragement as we get closer to our brand new Box! Your enthusiasm and excitement is infectious (in a good way!)  and thanks to Blair and Claire for taking on the extra coaching duties in our absence - we really are lucky to have such fantastic coaches and crossfitters!